Porcelain Origins

Porcelain Origins
星期一至五: 11:00am至9:30pm (最后预约时间7.30pm) 星期六: 10:00am至8:00pm (最后预约时间 6:00pm) 星期天: 10:00am至8:00pm (最后预约时间6:00pm)

Porcelain is a homegrown cult skincare brand and has attained over 40 highly coveted awards in the beauty industry since 2009. 2018 also marks our 6th consecutive year holding the prestigious title of the Best Beauty Spa in Asia at World Luxury Spa Awards.

Porcelain Origins is the brand’s tribute to all clients who had ever stepped through Porcelain's doors.

On top of that, it is Porcelain’s first concept store: A creative space — a space for the inception of fresh ideas and trends of tomorrow.

A space where paradigm shifts in beauty begin.

Case in point? Porcelain Origins will be Singapore's first Smart Spa, with digital technology making for a personalized, interactive, and seamless experience.