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Roberto cantelli

Roberto Canteli

4-6 April, 11-13 April

Pioneer in Asia with Matador and Los Caballeros, Roberto have entertained most of the five stars hotels in South East Asia, such as Bali Intercontinental, Sheraton Surabaya, Holiday Inn Jakarta, Furama & Excelsior Hotel Hong Kong (TOOT'S) and La Placita Mexican Restaurant in Times Square has been the most famous venue for all of Latin Music lovers in Hong Kong for two years. Roberto’s band Los Caballeros has performed trice for the Brunei Royal Family.


Amery Reuben

18-20 April, 25-27 April

在考虑在本科进行音乐研究的可能性时, Amery 就考取了ABRSM的执照文凭以及伦敦三一学院音乐学院的编曲文凭。 他的实践让他得以进入圣彼得堡着名的Rimsky-Korsakov音乐学院文凭课程,随后从悉尼音乐学院获得他的音乐学士学位主修钢琴表演。