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Carlos Sendros

Carlos Sendros

6-7 Sep

Carlos Sendros, born in Barcelona, Spain, is an accomplished guitarist and singer currently based in Singapore. 

His versatility to adapt different music genre to his guitar and voice makes him a unique artist. He was a resident singer and musician in many of top class hotels in Singapore, Beijing and Tokyo. 

From Jazz to Pop and Oldies, Carlos incorporates his personal style of music with classical Spanish influence in each song.

Ernesto Anaya

Ernesto Anaya

13-14, 20-21, 27-28 Sep

Multi-instrumentalist of Mexican folkloric music, composer, arranger, singer, producer and even an actor of the movie “Frida” with Salma Hayek, Ernesto has dedicate his life to represent the tradition of Mexican music with a contemporary approach. 

He has played with the most relevant Mexican singers, recorded and produced uncountable number of CDs, one, among many others for the Colombian singer Shakira, and he is currently performing in concerts and festivals with his own projects, in USA, Europe and Latin America and as a musical director of the Popular singer Natalia Lafourcade. We have his beautiful music for the third time in Asia.