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The Tree Art brand develops international art courses through in-depth cooperation with the world's top universities through an international education professional team. It provides online and offline art education through OMO dual channels and provides a full-platform teaching model of art courses.

We believe that brand-new art education, artistic ideas, and practice will affect everyone who studies at Tree Art, cultivate artistic talents who meet the needs of future and cultivate aesthetic talents with multicultural and multidisciplinary knowledge, dedicated to Integrate art, education, science, and technology with life to achieve all mankind in the education of art.

Tree Art has a self-developed REMAT course system. The curriculum system is based on the Spiral Curriculum, mentioned by a famous American educator & psychologist Jerome S. Bruner. In accordance with students' age, physical and psychological characteristics, and set up professional courses and classes in a targeted manner suitable for children from 2-18 year’s old long-term study.