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Founded in 2006 in Oslo, Norway, SWIMS has infused new life into traditional galosh. Started off by transforming the galosh, a commonly used item in daily life into a fashionable shoe brand with a bold personality. “Light, soft and breathable” is the result of many years of research by SWIMS.

Over the years, SWIMS has continued this philosophy and developed a vibrant and sought after lifestyle brand. Committed to continuously improving the quality of life at work and leisure, providing consumers with value-for-money, fun and fashionable solutions, SWIMS has developed apparel and accessories accompanying the loafer line to serve the lifestyle of international urban travelers.

SWIMS is inspired by water! It is the inspiration that brings SWIMS to every corner of the world. Regardless of weather, SWIMS ultimate versatility and functionality with its sleek look, fit any typical urban wearer. Whether you are heading to the office or day out on the beach, SWIMS never fails to provide you with comfort yet fun.

For 10 years, SWIMS has developed to be a mainstay offering affordable luxury lifestyle brand. While SWIMS pays attention to the quality, texture and design functions, it does not forget to add the fun to the design.