Sanchos taqueria

Food & Beverage
Sanchos taqueria
Store Hours
10.00 am to 10.00 pm

Say 'Hola' to Sanchos taqueria, the newest addition to the Sanchos family! Born from the heart of Sanchos Mexican Bar and Grill, this taqueria brings a casual vibe that's perfect for mallgoers craving authentic, mouthwatering Mexican food. Step into their vibrant space where every corner oozes colour and fun.

Get ready to dive into a fiesta of flavours, from the savoury and spice-laden tacos to the kick of zesty enchiladas, and the sweet indulgence of cinnamon sugar-dusted churros.

At Sanchos taqueria, irresistible Mexican street fare is the highlight. Sink your teeth into their freshly prepared tacos, stuffed with succulent grilled meats, fresh vegetables, or delectable seafood. And don't miss out on signature dishes like loaded nachos, smashed quesadillas, and the unique pambazo burger – a creation with bread that's soaked and fried, then filled with a variety of rich sauces and fillings.

With a commitment to quality and authentic flavours, Sanchos taqueria provides a true Mexican experience for food enthusiasts in Singapore. Bring your party, grab a seat, and dig in!