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Sam Han Gung
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Sam Han Gung 삼한궁 is an authentic premium Korean BBQ inspired by the Three Kingdoms during the historical Korean era of the Goguryeo period. (37 B.C.–668 A.D). It started as 맥적 (maekjeok-Doenjang Marinated Pork), carefully roasted over a flaming fire, that later came to be known as the famous "bulgogi" of the nomadic Maek Tribe. Naturally, the grilled aroma and taste of different meats delighted the palates of the Royal Family and became part of the Surasang (Royal Table) meal. These meats were later strictly reserved only for Royalty.

Indulge yourself in the likeness of Korean Royalty and be pampered with our imported premium meats, local specialities and liquor, meticulously prepared by our best chefs from Sam Han Gung's Royal Kitchen. After all, we are committed to serving you only the best cuts from the finest meats, ensuring that you receive a dining experience, befitting of a guest of the Korean Royal Court.