Niki Han & Ethel Huang

Niki Han & Ethel Huang
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10:00am to 9:00pm
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The latest fashion trends by Niki Han & Ethel Huang.

Niki Han leads the fashion with her elegant and feminine designs.
Designer, Niki Han remarked, " I would like to design special and exquisite fashion. My creations demonstrate my experience and values. I want to create beautiful fashion that every independent and confident woman dreams of."

Ethel Huang impresses with her perfect footwear formula in the combination of art and modern life.
As a brand that focus on ladies shoes for 28 years, it has a world- class innovative and efficient supply chain for its original creations.
It makes footwear that takes care of the comfort of the feet, that demands high quality materials and good craftmanship, that satisfies the desire for art and style, and the pursuit of modern fashion.