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Delivers fashion and sophistication to our children and fulfills the dreams of the childhood.

nicholas & bears, an international brand of kids fashion, carries the unique styling which is recognizable with the characteristic of harmony, elegancy, exquisite craftsmanship and global consciousness. The fashion design not only keeps on and all abreast of the latest fashion trends, but also delicately meets desires of kids and parents.

Children in our garments always portray and express their cuteness and innocence. The idea of wearable works-of-art is inspired by designers' creativity and classic design refinement. The inimitable combination of innovations, dedication, luxurious artistry, contemporary glamour and product development's intelligence, has insured the success of nicholas & bears. We has continually reinforced its business and sharpened its strengths for growth and development. With the current focus in the Asian market, nicholas & bears is progressively extending the network to a global dimension.

Nicholasbear feature 1200
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10:00am to 9:00pm

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