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MindChamps PreSchool
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MindChamps PreSchool (18mths – 6 yrs old)
MindChamps PreSchool is the only pre-school globally to nurture children with the Champion Mindset, as researched by world-renowned neuroscientist, Professor Allan Snyder FRS (Centre for the Mind, University of Sydney). A result of over a decade of research and development in the 3 domains of Neuroscience, Psychology and Theatre, the unique curriculum nurtures all aspects of your child and includes world proprietary academic and enrichment programmes.

MindChamps Reading & Writing (for 3 – 10 yrs old)
Developed by global early childhood literacy experts, the programmes aim to instil a love for reading and writing within your children, provide the essential learning tools for them to fully develop their literacy skills and prepare them to handle the academic rigours of primary school. By providing a strong learning platform for your child, the programmes seek to develop them to become an active and effective life-long reader and writer.

Child Minding Service @ Paragon – Kids learn at MindChamps while you shop!
MindChamps Child Minding Service @ Paragon allows you to indulge in your favourite activities in Paragon while your child is learning and being taken care of by our early childhood experts. Conducted every Saturday between 11am and 5pm, MindChamps Child Minding Service helps your child in literacy, creativity and physical coordination to build the vital neutral networks essential for cognitive development.