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Established in 1967, Larry Jewelry is known as one of Asia’s leading fine jewelers, Larry Jewelry is renowned for its unsurpassed mastery in jewelry design, meticulous gem-setting technique and materials of the highest quality being used. From design, gemstones selection to quality control, Larry is one of the few jewelers which persist in handcrafting each of its pieces with the most stringent standards. The fine jewelry house also provides a bespoke and customization service to its clientele, to create truly personalized and unique pieces.

The brand is also proud to be the sole distributor of Lazare Diamonds in Singapore and Indonesia. Known to be The World’s Most Beautiful diamond, it is indeed a diamond that will offer the maximum balance of brilliance, scintillation and fire.

Stores are situated at prime locations in Singapore and Hong Kong, with VIP lounges uniquely positioned to offer the ‘Ultimate Luxury Experience’ and provide exclusive and personalized services.