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Janice Wong is a new confectionery boutique located in Paragon Singapore. Showcasing 20 unique variety of chocolate bonbons including Janice Wong Singapore Signature series. Each bon bon retails from $2.50 to $4.

Singapore Signature series of 5 flavors, Chilli padi, Gula melaka pandan, Kaffir Lime Caramel, Laksa Leaf Lemongrass, Bbq Pork Bakkwa poprocks.

Also on Showcase is 9 flavors of Mochis retailing at $3 each.

With the new sweets boutique, Wong aims to inspire customers with her own memories she experienced as a child, through a wonderland filled with Chocolates, Mochis and confectioneries.

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Store Hours

10:00am to 9:30pm

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9233 7547

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