Greyhound Café

Food & Beverage
Greyhound Café
Store Hours
8:30am to 10:00pm
Accepts Vouchers

Greyhound Café is the established and first acclaimed Fashion Café in Bangkok. For the past 18 years Greyhound Café has successfully offered 'Total Dining Experience' with the Greyhound unique lifestyle.

Despite how rapidly the restaurant industry trends change, or how competitive the industry gets, Greyhound Café always believes that comfortable atmosphere filled with fun and creativity can turn ordinary into extraordinary. Greyhound Café still continues to endlessly deliver the key idea of "Basic with a Twist".

The design concept of Greyhound Café's very first branch in Paragon Singapore maintains the Industrial Modern Minimal Style designed by Thai leading interior designers, Poomsak Teankaprasith and Mesa Nopakun from Dot Line Plane. In which features decorations that reflect the simple and stylish identity of the brand. The choice of basic materials such as zinc sheets and graphic printed tiles are utilized aesthetically. A graphic wall design by Terawat Teankaprasith, one of the top leading illustrators in Thailand, is featured as a great piece of art, under the concept of Assymetrical-Objects-Arrangement-Juggli.