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FOREST :  scarves & brooches

A statement of elegance and sophistication

Homegrown fashion brand FOREST is known for offering fine, versatile accessories that combine high craftsmanship with timeless design. Founded in 2018, the brand specialises in luxurious , whimsical brooches, coated with platinum and 24-karat gold, and mulberry silk scarves, which not only boast a luxe, luminous sheen, but are also smooth to the touch and gentle on the skin. The screen printed scarves, which can be worn multiple ways for various occasions, feature hand-rolled hems and stylish, nature-inspired prints such as floral motif and tropical imagery.

FOREST believes in being a catalyst for man and woman to grow into the best version of themselves. FOREST aims to be the finest luxury indulgence for the modern fashionista - the quintessential finishing touch they need to step out the door looking and feeling their best selves.