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Das Erzgebirge-Haus
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We bring exquisite, high quality, handcrafted collectibles from the Erzgebirge Mountains in Germany as well as other novelties from Europe and USA. The Erzgebirge Mountains or Ore Mountains is a mining area hundreds of years ago and as the Ore runs out, the miners turn to making wooden handicrafts. The skilled artisans past on their skills to the next generation and tradition continues. Many customers treat these handcrafted items as collectibles and pass it on to the next generation as keepsake. The Erzgebirge Mountains is famous for their high-quality Nutcrackers, German Smokers (Incense Burners), Wooden Angels, Pyramids, Christmas Decorations and Hanging Ornaments and Tradition Toys.

Our focus is high quality and handcrafted products from the West and besides Germany, we bring handcrafted Jewellery Music Boxes, Silver miniatures and Chess Sets from Italy and highly collectible clay miniatures (Wee Forest Folk) from the USA. From France we have Car Display Boxes or Diorama which are handcrafted by artist, Patrick Richards.