coast & roast by Fish & Co.

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coast & roast by Fish & Co.
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10:00am to 11:00pm
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Coast & Roast is a refreshing and timeless concept by Fish & Co.


Coast & Roast offers both Fish & Co.’s favourites as well as exclusively crafted recipes. We serve fresh seafood in a pan, a unique dining experience that drew inspiration from the Mediterranean fishermen who caught seafood fresh from the seas, cooked it, and ate it straight from the pan.


Coast & Roast uses only the freshest fish, seafood, and meat, as well as natural and unique ingredients like artisan butter, herbs, and spices from around the world. We use the Josper Grill, which gives the highest quality grilling with unique flavours.


Better taste goes hand in hand with better butter. Hence, we handcrafted our artisan flavours with Président because great butter makes culinary creation a real pleasure.