Café Manuka

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Café Manuka
Store Hours
9:00am to 9:00pm
Accepts Vouchers

Café Manuka is an unpretentious New Zealand inspired casual dining café that serves quality comfort food sans the frills. This urban café oasis is established since 2012 by a New Zealand husband and wife team – Debbie and Nigel. Their brand inspiration stems from the unique Manuka Tree and the Maori Koru. Tantalise your palate with a balance of traditional café favourites, coupled with elements of authentic Antipodean cuisine, created passionately by the loving New Zealand couple.

Good coffee is always a bonus and you’d be able to enjoy quality and unrivaled coffee at Café Manuka with New Zealand espresso artisan’s Allpress.

Local celebrity couple Candyce Toh and Ang Jun Yang, along with their business partner, took over this ‘fruit of love’ Café Manuka from Debbie and Nigel in 2014 when the latter had to relocate from Singapore for work reasons.

Some must-tries to check out include favourites such as Corn Fritters ($13), Roast Lamb Sandwich ($15), thin crust Breakfast Pizza ($16), creamy Chicken Mushroom Pasta ($16), and the Beef Bulgogi Salad ($18). Love sweet treats? Try the Pikelet Stack ($12) and homemade gluten-free Orange-Almond Cake ($8.50).