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Boarding Gate carries a wide range of functional, fashionable and modern travel goods that aim to inspire exploration and aid urban mobility. Jetsetters can look forward to perusing a comprehensive range of functional, fashionable and modern travel goods. From renowned travel and bag brands like Victorinox, Pacsafe, Thule and Venque to daily essentials like easy-to-use travel containers, packing cubes, scarves and comfy neck pillows from a gamut of brands including Eagle Creek, Klean Kanteen, LOQI, and Design GO– Boarding Gate has got you covered.

Brands Available: Eagle Creek, Pacsafe, Thule, Bric's, LOQI, S'well, Klean Kanteen, O2COOL, Venque, ALIFEDESIGN, Human Gear and Travel Smart

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10:00am to 9:30pm

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