Aburi-EN Grand

Aburi-EN Grand

Specializing in aburi or partially grilled meats and seafood, Aburi-EN Grand offers a variety of high quality donburi (rice bowls) at affordable prices in a comfortable and affable ambiance. Aburi-EN Grand takes pride in its homemade umami-packed meat sauce,

as well as the high quality imported pork and the A4/A5 Miyazaki Wagyu it uses which has won Japan’s “National Wagyu Award” three consecutive times. At Aburi-EN Grand, you can enjoy Japanese drinking culture with an extensive selection of Japanese cocktails,

highballs, shochu and sake that complements the array of grilled meats and seafood. Focusing on premium ingredients grilled to perfection and offered at affordable prices, it’s little wonder why Aburi-EN is a favourite amongst many.