Launch of September Collection

This month sees girls wearing multi-coloured ice-cream shades, retro details and playful textures, making for a brighter, more vibrant wardrobe. For boys, vintage-inspired graphic motifs and bold stripes come to life in a palette of brights. This is an upbeat collection of good vibes only!

For baby girls and boys, bold shades and live-in styles feature with a retro, whimsical charm. Dungarees for both him and her come in soft pink and classic denim, and are made for making friends in. For baby boys, cool tees and bold gingham offer a fresh take on old favourites.

For newborns, it’s all about florals, stripes and all things nice. But don’t forget swans. Or elephants. Because they are featured too. As do themes like clever graphic, novelty newness and fun frills. Suits are cotton-blend and stretchy-sweet, made for long days of cuddling.