The phenomenon of fine lines around eyes, dark eye circles, deeper neck lines, sagging jowls and double have become commonplace thanks to our longer screen time. Grounded by its philosophy of treating skin issues at the root and encouraging the skin’s natural regeneration, Porcelain sets out to create new solutions. 

Multi-Spectrum Intensive Eye Treatment: Lightens fine lines and wrinkles that result from prolonged squinting. Reduces dark eye circles, rebuilds collagen, and firms skin to combat the effects of blue light exposure.

Duo-Intensive Neck & Décolleté Treatment: Lightens fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone that develop from poor posture and lack of care. 

Proionic Multi-Sculpting Chin & Neck Treatment: Tightens sagging skin and contours under the chin and neck that results from looking down at phones.

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