Start earning points for every block of $100 same-day spend by presenting your membership QR code to store staff at participating stores. This QR code can be found by tapping on the gold circle button located at the bottom of the mobile app.

Premier and Prestige Members:
First $100 per day = 5 points
Every subsequent $100 on the same day = 1 point

Pinnacle Members:
First $100 per day = 15 points
Every subsequent $100 on the same day = 3 points

For spending at participating enrichment centres (such as Tree Art), Paragon Club points are earned for every block of $500 in nett transaction amount. For example, if the nett transaction amount at Tree Art is $1,200, Premier and Prestige members will be awarded with 6 points (5 points for the first $500 and 1 point for subsequent $500 spent), whereas Pinnacle members will receive 18 points (15 points for the first $500 and 3 points for subsequent $500 spent).

Terms & Conditions: 

- Each receipt must be a minimum of $20 and above in a single receipt from participating stores, excluding purchase of vouchers/gift cards and Cashcard/Store Value Cards Top-up. 

- With effect from 6 March 2024, redemption of all vouchers, including but not limited to CPM Vouchers, CPM e-Vouchers, Paragon Club Reward e-Vouchers (with cash value), eCapitaVouchers, Other Tenant in-store Vouchers, e-Vouchers, and CDC Vouchers, will not qualify for Paragon Club Rewards points issuance.

- Receipts are recommended to be scanned at participating stores on the same day via the in-store Jeripay terminal. 

- Same day transactions can be combined to meet the min. spend of $100.

- No cap on the number of receipts/ transactions per day.

- A member may earn up to a maximum of 5,000 points at any one of time.

- Points earned have a 9-month grace period, e.g., points earned in Feb 2022 will expire in Nov 2022.

- All receipts must be submitted within 7 days from the date of purchase to be eligible for points issuance. 

- Receipts submitted at the concierge counter/in-app via “contact us” will require at least 14 business days to be processed.

- Redemption of points by proxy is not allowed as the Paragon Club membership and points are non-transferrable. Friends and family members who are keen to enjoy the same benefits can download the Paragon Club mobile app.