Redeem your Paragon Club points for CPM e-Voucher instantly on your app from 31 August.

With effect from 31 August 2020, Prestige and Pinnacle members will be able to convert their Paragon Club points into CPM e-Vouchers instantly from the app. All redemption of Paragon Club points to CPM physical voucher will cease from 1 October 2020.

Terms and conditions:

  • 1. Prestige members may tap on the “Present” icon found at the bottom of the mobile app, and tap on the reward of choice to start redemption.
  • 2. The conversion of Paragon Club points into CPM e-Vouchers is non-refundable and irreversible.
  • 3. To utilize the CPM e-Voucher, please inform the participating store staff before making payment and present your membership QR code. 
  • 4. The utilization of CPM e-Vouchers at participating store(s) is non-refundable and irreversible.