Carpark Rewards - an exclusive membership benefit for all Paragon Club members. As a member, you may convert your Paragon Club points into *Carpark Rewards Dollars (CP$) and enjoy savings on your parking expenses at Paragon.  Each point is equivalent to $0.40 worth of Carpark Rewards.

Here's how it works: 

1. Login to your Paragon Club account and click the "Human" icon at the bottom right of the mobile app.

2. Select "CARPARK REWARDS" and then click on "Manage IU".

3. Enter your 10-digit Car IU number and tap on "Submit". You may add up to a maximum of 3 Car IUs, and each IU can only be activated on one account at a time.

4. Once your Car IU is successfully added, go back to the "CARPARK REWARDS" page and tap on "Top Up". 

5. Select the number of points you wish to convert to CP$ and confirm the conversion by following the on-screen instructions. Kindly ensure to do so at least 15 minutes before leaving the mall. 

6. When you exit the carpark, available CP$ will be deducted automatically. Any remaining parking charges will be deducted from your cashcard.

*The converted CP$ have a validity period of 9 months. You may check the expiring dollars under "Carpark Rewards". Points converted are non-refundable and cannot be reversed. CP$ cannot be used in conjunction with any other carpark coupons. Kindly deactivate the Car IU in the mobile app 15 mins prior to exiting the mall to utilize your carpark coupon. Other Terms and Conditions apply.