Gift Ideas for Mom from Eu Yan Seng (#B1-16/17)

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    The hamper consists of:

    • SkipMop Roll-around Rattles – Hedgehog
    • 3 bottles x Bird’s Nest with Pearl Powder & Collagen (Reduced Sugar) 75g
    • 4 bottles x Bird’s Nest with Wild American Ginseng and Cordyceps 70g
    • 4 bottles x Essence of Chicken with Danggui & Pearl Extract 70g
    • 4 bottles x Essence of Chicken with American Ginseng, Cordyceps and Huaishan Extract 70g
  • FAMILY JOY BOTTLED BIRD’S NEST 10’ GIFT SET (10 x 70g bottles/box)

    Gift set consists of:

    • 4 bottles of Superior Bottled Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar
    • 2 bottles of Superior Bottled Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar (Reduced Sugar)
    • 2 bottles of Superior Bottled Bird’s Nest with Pearl Powder and Collagen (Reduced Sugar)
    • 2 bottles of Superior Bottled Bird’s Nest with Wild American Ginseng

Gift Ideas for kids from The Better Toy Store (#05-19/20)


    PLANTOYS’ award-winning Bird Walker is a true testament to the fact that flashing lights and electronic sounds are not always required to attract attention from the little ones. Babies and toddlers will delight in the pecking and clacking antics of the colorful birds, amusing and entertaining all in the room as the Walker is being pushed about.

    Designed with an adjustable handle to suit growing heights, this Bird Walker also comes with a special Friction Knob feature, which allows you to control the wheels' resistance as your tottering tot progresses from crawler to steady walker. 16 sizeable building blocks also accompany this Bird Walker, introducing your little ones to a safe world of stacking, sorting, counting, shapes, and colours; all while working on their balance and movement.

    Constructed from chemical-free, kiln-dried solid rubber wood, Plan Toys' Bird Walker is assembled with formaldehyde-free E-zero Glue and coated with non-toxic, water-based dyes; making it a safe choice both for child and the environment. This translates to worry-free play sessions, as you can rest assured even if these blocks ‘accidentally’ find their way into your little tots’ curious mouths!


    A Steiff plush is the true mark of the beginning of a lifelong friendship. A brand that has been synonymous with quality, safety, and tradition since 1880, Steiff is EN71-tested, and goes above and beyond many international toy safety standards. With Steiff, you can rest assured that what you put in your baby’s hands are free of pollutants and weaved with top-quality natural fibres (coloured with harmless dyes); with only the finest plush and stuffing used – which you will notice in the exception soft and durable make of this Goodnight Dog. Safety eyes, lint-free material and strong seams ensure machine washability, hypoallergenic properties, and child worthiness: a child may put a Steiff product in his mouth without any misgivings.

    As with every Original Steiff Animal, Goodnight Dog comes with the world-famous Steiff trademark – the Yellow ‘Button-in-ear’ tag– that symbolizes its authenticity and confirms it as a perfected unique specimen of Steiff. It is hand crafted from soft woven fur, and is made to be especially soft and huggable. Its adorably classic expression fulfils its true purpose– to be a trusted first companion for your little ones; and will endear itself to anyone who lays eyes on it, young and old.

  • HABA Marble Run

    Learn about the law of physics through experiment and play with HABA’s multiple award-winning Ball Track Construction Set – now available for little builders as young as 18 months old! Through building and structuring, young budding minds can discover and cultivate their fine motor skills, spatial thinking, problem-solving, and imagination, intriguing and challenging even the most curious of children. The scalability and open-endedness of this modular system also promotes continual expandability, allowing it to remain an engaging toy for many years to come. More importantly, it inspires confidence and builds self-esteem, encouraging them to move onto more challenging structures independently as they develop through the years.

    A complete track that can be built quickly and easily, all wooden pieces in this set are crafted from solid beech wood from sustainable forestry in Germany; and are specially designed to be chunky and well-rounded around the edges, ensuring safety and better handling even for our most boisterous toddlers. Pegs are included in this special version to lock down connecting blocks for better stability, with special multi-sensory effects that jingle and rattle as the large ball rolls its way down the tracks.


    Constructed from solid German beech wood and steamed and oiled to heirloom-quality perfection, this classic handcrafted beauty is made with long, sturdy runners to minimize tipping, and designed with the option of a safety frame or handmade saddle & stirrups add-on for an extra rollicking good time!

    A true timeless piece, this multi-award winning Rocking Horse has garnered esteemed recognition through the years, including the very prestigious Spiel Gut Award, as well as the Deutscher Designpreis Holzspielzeug in 2003.


    Folkmanis is the most award-winning specialty puppet company in the world. Their creations encompass the simplicity needed to cater to children puppeteers, and yet maintain the immaculate detailing and design expected from top-quality puppets. Life-like in both appearance and personality, Folkmanis’ multi-award winning stage puppets are perfect for fostering language, imagination, socio-emotional development and self-expression.

    This Owlet in Tree Stump Hand Puppet is arguably one of Folkmanis’ best interpretations of wildlife. Designed as a pop-up puppet with moveable head and wings, it is sure to delight children of all ages. Whether playing peekaboo with the very young, using it to explain wildlife or nocturnality to the older kids, this puppet connects with children on many levels. Huge eyes, feathery soft fur, and a sculptural tree stump finished with a couple of fabric leaves – this whimsical woodland wonder has everything you need to pop out a fun surprise in any environment and create a real hoot.


    No batteries, no motors, no engines: just hang on for a minute, and marvel as these enchanting night lamps come to life when they begin spinning on their own. Designed in France, the turning mechanism in each Trousselier’s Magic Lantern is activated by the heat generated from its 12V screw bulb, permitting the decorated cylinder to propel and animate the lamp’s body with various themes of colourful projections.

    A soothing comfort for every dozing child, these lamps now come with the option of an added element: A Music Box platform. Simply place your Lantern of choice on this base, crank it, and let its gentle, lilting tunes send your lil ones straight off to slumber!

Gift Ideas for Babies from Chateau (#05-35A)

  • For Baby Girl

    • Amelie Orange Crop Cardigan
    • Augusta Pink Romper with Peter-Pan Collar
    • Cerise Bloomers Suckeroy Stripe Blue
    • Faustine Light Pink Socks
    • Olivia Pink Dress with Side Knots
    • Olivia Orange Dress with Palm Leaves Prints
  • For Baby Boy

    • Cesar Bodysuit White with Front Pocket
    • Faustine Light Blue Socks
    • Louis Jacquard Blue S/S Shirt
    • Louis Orange with Palm Leaves Prints S/S Shirt
    • Paul White Cotton Shorts
    • Paul White Linen/Cotton Shorts
    • White Cotton Bow Tie

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