Designed observing the principles of the circular economy thanks to the support of Nativa, Regenerative Design Company that guides the radical evolution of companies by integrating principles of sustainability and activating their purpose, Re-Candy is made of recycled plastic and is produced by an Italian company powered exclusively by electrical energy from certified renewable sources. 

Re-Candy’s components are all designed from a sustainable perspective. The label is crafted from FSC certified paper; the backpack that comes with it is in recycled cotton dyed with natural colors; all accessories and the shoulder strap are made of recycled materials. In addition, to avoid the use of polluting inks, the Re-Candy name and the Furla logo have been embossed on the body of the bag, which is available in a vibrant color palette ranging from pink and purple to orange and lime green.

Re-Candy was produced to be durable and last long. However, at the end of its cycle of use, it can be fully recycled.

Check out the collection in-store at Furla, #02-38 now.