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Diptyque Trente-quatre Boulevard Saint Germain Eau De Parfum :
A new facet of the iconic shop of 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain. Born of the same inspiration, at the same address, but at a different time. This composition is both more incisive and deeper, in a way more golden, bathing in brilliance and luxuriousness - an authentic perfume for the skin.

Diptyque E’Lide candle:
The E’Lide candle is the evocation of the epic Fauna in a region of Greece where bitter orange peel essences, aromatic plants and wild lavender meet. Fascinated by this ancient figure, Desmond Knox-Leet, one of the three founders of diptyque, had his blackmat biscuit pot adorned with a representation of Fauna.

Goutal Paris – Rebranding and new fragrance, Bois d’Hadrien
In 2018, the French fragrance house, Annick Goutal, is writing an exciting new chapter in its story; a revamped visual identity to become Goutal Paris, Conteur de Parfums , Author of Perfumes. Respectful of its heritage, this new inspiration is deeply rooted in the legendary poetry of the brand while steadfastly looking to the future.

An invitation to continue writing the story from back where it all began, a new opus that is taking over as the House's iconic scent - Bois d’hadrian.
Wavering between warm wood and wintry night, cracked soil on a hot summer’s day, and the glimmering gold of a setting sun, Bois d’Hadrien captures a precious moment; fleeting yet peaceful, of Emperor Hadrian as he looks over Tuscan hills.