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Miss Lou

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Becka 1


31 Jul – 2 Aug

Talent-spotted by Red Roofs Records, the local singer-songwriter released her debut self-titled EP, Becka in July 2016. Trained as a classical pianist from the age of 6, Becka’s personal style are subtly influenced by music giants like India Arie, Adele and Billy Preston. Performing popular crowd favourites and acoustic tunes, the bilingual singer’s soulful voice never fails to capture the hearts of her listeners.


Danesh Leonadi

3 & 8 Aug

Taking musical inspirations from John Mayer to Daniel Caesar, Danesh gravitates towards soul and blues in his music style. With local band - The Sam Willows as mentors, Danesh is in the process of releasing an EP and aspire to cut an album in the near future.


Joie Tan

5 & 7 Aug

Joie’s foray into music started with covers of vocal-heavy songs on YouTube. At the age of 13, she started developing a serious interest in music, which led to the discovery of her personal sound today. At 22 this year, Joie recently released her debut single, Stay and looks to share her music in an album in the near future.


JJ Ong

8 & 9 Aug

JJ Ong (a.k.a. Falling Feathers) owns a unique vocal quality, a bright and cut-through vocal tone that can be immediately recognized as his own. Not only does his music consist of compulsive hooks and relatable narratives, his songs also envelope the conventional emotions of day-to-day experiences in a copacetic kind of way. Coupled with his jovial personality, Falling Feathers definitely puts a smile on the faces of anyone who listens.


Zeeaura, Azmi & Roslan

10 & 12 Aug

Zeeaura is a singer-songwriter based in Singapore and carries a strong belief in music as it keeps her motivated to make life changes for the better. Sharing the stage with Azmi, whose vocal style leans towards R&B/Soul. Azmi’s refreshing Asian music flair brings out his own unique flavor and he is in the midst of learning recording and production in hopes to better his music craft.



11 Aug

Local singer-songwriter, Nelson, is currently the bass player for 2 local indie bands – Tujuhband and In Each Hand a Cutlass. A perfectionist in song writing, Nelson is inspired to make music that touch the hearts of others.


Hazrul Nizam

14 – 17 Aug

Hazrul has appeared in numerous television variety programmes such as Suria’s National Day Special, Hari Raya Special and AZAM, a fund-raising charity show. Together with songwriter Mayuni Omar, they won the Juara 2002 songwriting competition and the song Kaulah Segalanya hit the top of the charts for 5 consecutive week and was in the Malaysian ERA charts as well. The mini album received a record 8 nominations in 7 different categories in the Anugerah Planet Muzik 2004 including Most Popular Male Artiste (Regional) and Best New Artiste (Regional).

Lou square

Miss Lou

21 – 24 & 28 – 31 Aug

A songwriter and versatile vocalist who blends vintage vocal stylings with modern sensibilities, Pei Xin transcends genres effortlessly by offering a unique blend of her varied influences – Jazz, R&B, Soul, Pop, mandopop and musical theatre. With the combination of her diverse repertoire, clear and crisp vocals, she is bound to captivate any crowd.

Trisno 1


18, 19, 25 & 26 Aug

Trisno was the former lead vocalist of the local bands Urban Xchange and Parking Lot Pimp. He has collaborated with grammy award winners such as John Lennon and Brian McKnight.  Trisno was featured on the original soundtrack of a Hollywood blockbuster hit movie, Rush Hour 2. As a solo artist, he is experimenting with originals and covers with a blend of genres ranging from Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, R&B and Pop.